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The Sedona Tavern Mug (20oz)

The Sedona Tavern Mug- inspired by world famous Sedona, Arizona where red rock formations and canyon riverbeds awe and inspire. This Mug was born to help you sip back, relax & take it all in.

These masterpieces are hand carved from Mango wood, native to India.

We then treat them with a non-toxic tree lacquer that protects & accentuates the gorgeous grain with a wet appearing effect.

Wood insulates & protects your hand from hot liquids and it's 3x's lighter than ceramic or glass.

(Many of our older customers with arthritis remark about how these mugs are lighter full than their ceramic mugs empty.)

Enjoy your favorite brew, entertain guests, or reconnect with yourself. Great for any daily use!

A true work of art combining utility and aesthetic appeal. A wonderful addition to your coffee mug or tea cup collection.

Made with natural Mango wood and coated with a natural and food safe tree lacquer that protects the finish and keeps the wood clean from stains.

Completely safe and functional to drink coffee and other beverages from.

To ensure that your mug stays in good condition for years to come, please follow these instructions:

1. There may be a subtle scent of the tree lacquer initially. We recommend soaking and rinsing the mug in hot water for 5 minutes before initial use.

2. Do NOT microwave or use the dishwasher. We recommend hand-washing with regular soap and air drying.

3. Occasionally apply a mineral oil of your choice to prolong life.

4. Enjoy with love. ❤️

Detailed Specifications

  • Capacity ml: 591.5ml
  • Capacity oz: 20oz
  • Width: 4.3in
  • Height: 5.7in
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Katherine A.

I suppose I’m not sure exactly what I thought we were buying. I had an idea in my head of what the final result would be, but after opening the box, I was so surprised at these.
First, they’re simply beautiful. Second, we ordered two and they’re completely different. I love how you can turn your mug over and tell it was made from a single piece of wood- no glue, etc…. The different grains on each are very pretty and the mug feels just right in your hand.
If you have a difficult gift recipient, this is really great idea.
*And don’t forget to get one for yourself, you’ll want one of your own!

Steve L.

Gorgeous wood; flawless finish; slow, slow delivery but in the end I was delighted to receive them. Be sure to order two so you can hear the marvelous sound of the wood touching when you toast with your favorite beverage.

Gary S.
Wooden cup

This cup is great. large enogh to hold lots of coffee.

Mary McDaniel

I love these cups

John Mazzocchi

Exactly what I hoped it would be. Comfortable and keeps my coffee warm.